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John Henry Bonham

Thanks Bill Burr, for making me laugh my ass off at your silly shit – but also for reminding me just how much I love drumming, and for mentioning this epic performance by Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. What a man in love with his art.  What is missing from MEN now?  Watch.


Subcommander T’Pol

I absolutely love T’Pol. Blalock’s performance is true art – a masterwork. She makes the character live and breathe beyond a script , as Maisie Williams did in GOT.

T’Pol is truly the modern post feminist woman for me. All she asks for from others is mutual respect. She has her own agenda and a plan to get things done. It’s no wonder she looks so peaceful.

My new site

I have a snazzy new WordPress site now. The word is out. Oh yes. Maybe.


Reading – MOMD (nonfiction) going to jump on some Dick soon (that’s Philip K., you pervs) and also hoping to read, you guessed it, Moby Dick. 

Viewing – Star trek Enterprise. 

Fucking / want to fuck… various girls at Starbucks, and, per usual, several lesbians.

Music –  nothing special, just want to hear R.’s band before he goes on tour.